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A box of 7 sleep-inducing Spacemasks delivered direct to your door, as often as you like
Special subscription-only price
Choose your scent or leave it up to us!
Free UK delivery, letterbox-friendly pack
Perfect for promoting deep relaxation
Cruelty free and vegan
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FREE UK delivery
Choose Scent Jasmine

Each letterbox-friendly pack contains 7 individually wrapped, self-heating Spacemasks for you to enjoy as you like, when you like (one a night we hear you ask??)

Choose from two scents, or take a gamble and let us decide at each shipment.

Our original Jasmine scented Spacemasks is infused with the heady, sweet aroma of jasmine flowers, known for invoking powerful feelings of positivity and tranquillity. Floral, musky and reminiscent of warm, exotic evenings, this Spacemask will whisk you away to your happy place.

Rose scents hold an element of romance and nostalgia, and with that in mind the floral fragrance infused in our rose Spacemask will induce feelings of comfort and cosiness. Gain a sense of positive wellbeing as you lift off to a place of sumptuous relaxation.


Once opened, the Spacemasks will begin to heat up as oxygen molecules in the atmosphere cuddle up to the mask’s iron particles in a natural heat exchange. Your friend can pop on and enjoy 20 minutes of dreamy warmth while their mind floats in space before returning to Earth.

For UK orders, we aim to deliver your Spacemasks within 48 hours. For international orders we aim to deliver within 5-7 days. In any event we aim to deliver within 14 days after the day on which your order has been accepted. 

We don’t deliver intergalactically yet but maybe in the future!   

The perfect treat

The soothing subscriber

“There is no worse feeling than needing a Spacemask and not having one to hand! I suffer from tension headaches and I am yet to find something more effective.”

Laura, Birmingham