Interstellar Relaxation

Ok they look lovely but what exactly do I get if I buy a box?

What's in the box

From the moment you open the box and read how to use the mask you will be temptingly invited on a journey of relaxation. There are detailed instructions on the box and the pouches. The pouches have a best before date. We doubt it will come to that. Inside the pouch you will find the jasmine infused Spacemask. Now just place the Spacemask over your eyes and the loops over your ears. Recline and enjoy.

Spacemasks facts

The heating process works by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air. It is totally safe. The ever so relaxing jasmine is in a low concentration. So you can enjoy its fragrance without irritating the skin.

Why Should I Try A Spacemask?

Relaxing? Don’t be ridiculous! Do you know how my day works? Sometimes you can be so busy that taking time out just doesn’t seem possible. This is where your Spacemask comes in. You are about to encounter Interstellar Relaxation. Wherever you are, at work or home, find somewhere to sit or lie down. Don’t be embarrassed about where you are. Everyone will be jealous of where you’re going. Within minutes of putting on your Spacemask you will feel it warm up and start to mellow your tired eyes and face. The soft jasmine smell will help to transport you away. Somewhere between Jupiter and Andromeda. Allow yourself to float freely. Letting go of the day’s frustrations and annoyances. For the next 15 minutes enjoy the space and freedom of leaving the Earth’s gravitational field. Your eyes and your head will thank you for the time to recover and reenergise. Interstellar relaxation no less.


Bath, clean sheets and a Spacemask. Slept for 9 hours - boom!

Please please please stop accepting any late night orders from me…I’m going to have to get a second job to keep up with my urgent need to wear one every night!!!! Love them!

I received my Spacemasks last week and I have already used them all!  I have two young children and work and haven’t had a decent sleep in years until I tried these!!

Spacemasks are fantastic!  We put them on before bed and we both fell asleep wearing them.  My husband doesn’t sleep well at all.  He hasn’t for years.  Last night he was snoring!  I haven’t heard him snore for years.

They really work! Had a headache for 4 days, went to bed, felt sick.  Got up, put on a Spacemask and slept like a baby and headache GONE!!

Been a nurse for 31 years….best ever post-night shift sleep…this could spread! 

Spacemasks are my new favouriting things.  I used the first mask the other night, simply lovely and totally relaxing.  The power of the mask is immense.  I woke the next morning with the mask still in place.

All you tired parents CHECK OUT THESE SPACE BABIES (and anyone else who’s tired; so EVERYONE!)

By the way, I know you hear it all the time time but Spacemasks are bloody genius!  I’m currently having chemo and on the first day of each treatment, the steroids react to me and I cant sleep all night - so far Spacemasks have been the only thing that even gives me a chance of getting some real sleep on those days!

Your masks are literally the only thing that help me have a good nights sleep.